Bariatric Meal Plans

We offer a range of bariatric specific meal plans designed by a bariatric dietitian to help you reach your health goals. Our meal plans are unique because they focus not only on eating specifically for bariatric surgery, but for health and wellness. Unfortunately, we see too often that “bariatric friendly” recipes are not utilizing nutrient dense foods and can actually be disease promoting. We prioritize using recipes and whole foods that nourish your body and help heal and prevent the re-occurrence of the chronic diseases we know our patients have worked so hard to overcome. Click the links below to learn more.

Bariatric Surgical Prep Meal Plan (Liver Shrinking Diet)

It’s important to get your body ready before bariatric surgery in order to make surgery safer and reduce the risk of complications. By going low-carbohydrate and low-calorie right before surgery, you maximize the glycogen and fat loss in the abdominal cavity and liver. Shrinking the liver makes for a smoother surgery and smoother recovery. This product provides one week of meal plans. Repeat meal plan for two weeks for optimal results.

Two Week Holiday Meal Plan- Post Bariatric Surgery

Don’t you love this time of year?! We do too, and we know that with our help and meal plans, you will be able to enjoy all of your holiday favorites and still maintain your weight loss. It can be challenging being surrounded by foods you are unable to eat after a weight loss surgery without guidance. This plan is specifically designed with your unique needs after bariatric surgery in mind. It can be hard going through the holidays eating different from loved ones. We hope this plan helps you enjoy this holiday season to the fullest!

One Month Post-Op Meal Plan

Planning on bariatric surgery and are confused about what to eat immediately after surgery? Worried about getting enough protein? Unsure of how much you should be eating each day?

This meal plan was designed by a bariatric dietitian to help you feel good and reduce those all too common unpleasant side effects starting from your first day out from surgery all the way through your first month. In fact, this is what we recommend to our own patients! What you eat the first month after surgery is crucial for your health and safety. Following this meal plan will ensure that you get enough protein and nutrients.

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