Restart Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery VIP Package


Restarting your weight loss after bariatric surgery can feel daunting. The restart your weight loss VIP edition gives you exclusive access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie’s coaching who shepherd your way through a functional nutrition program for microbiome support, coaching to explore the thought-belief-habit cycle, and to develop inner muscles of radical self acceptance.

*The VIP Package provides the same material as the Basic Package + exclusive real-time access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie*


Are you looking to restart your weight loss after weight loss surgery?


Firstly, we get it! We see weight regain A LOT, which occurs more often than most people think. We see lousy diet advice passed out all over the place among bariatric surgery practices, and we have created just the course to give you the proper support you need. This course will teach you how to restart weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

Secondly, the truth is most people struggle to maintain and keep weight off long-term after weight-loss surgery, with up to 25-33% of patients gain some or all of their weight back in 10 years. And, if this resonates with you, we want you to know that you have not failed and are not alone

Thirdly, our approach to weight management is different, whereas we focus on building a healthy metabolism from the inside out using science-backed research. You see, weight regain and gut health (our secret sauce) go hand in hand. In addition, human metabolism and weight are dependent on a healthy gut microbiome. So when one is out of sync, so is the other.

In conclusion, the Restart course will help you lose weight after regaining. Our course is a 6-week supportive program designed to give you the structure, accountability, and community you need to health your gut and achieve long-term weight loss after bariatric surgery. We know that pouch resets and fad diets don’t work. We want to give you the tools for lasting results, not a quick-fix scheme that will leave you cycling with shame, guilt, and more stomach issues.

Let us be your personal bariatric surgeon and dietitian team to support you in mastering bariatric surgery.

The Restart Course VIP Package Includes:

  • A four-week meal plan with recipes and grocery shopping lists promotes gentle weight loss and a healthy gut. Perfectly portioned for one, we take the guesswork out of how much someone should eat after bariatric surgery. Our recipes comprise whole food ingredients that support you from the inside out for a nourished mind, body, and gut.
  • 13 video modules focused on nutrition, exercise, sleep, gut health, metabolism, and reflective practices to help you stay on track with your goals. 
  • 100 page Bariatric Surgery Client Handbook
  • Daily Checklist
  • Pre-Course Mindset and Habit Worksheet
  • Bariatric Vitamin guidance and dosage recommendations
  • Life long access to a private Facebook community for support.

Included in the VIP Package 

  • Private messaging access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie for 6 weeks via voxer messaging app


The Art of Bariatrics does not create a patient-doctor relationship.

We do not provide personalized meal plans or medical advice. Results may vary.