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Welcome Weight Loss Surgery Warriors!

We are Dr. Erika La Vella, DO, FASMBS, and Bonnie Buckingham, MS, RDN, CDCES. We are a board-certified WLS surgeon and dietitian team who have dedicated our lives to helping people overcome their struggle with obesity. Our passion is guiding people to learn more about their bodies to create a more functional and healthier one.

Private Nutrition Counseling

Private nutrition therapy from Bonnie Buckingham, MS RD CDCES is available for clients living in Oregon.

Individual nutrition counseling is available for diabetes management, adult weight loss, cardiovascular disease, and pre/post bariatric surgery.

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How long after surgery can I join your program?

We create meal plans specific for your timeline from immediate post surgery to many years after surgery. The education and lifestyle does not discriminate when you had your bariatric operation.

What makes this program different?

Our program teaches you how your body works and optimize nutrition and your lifestyle to meet your weight loss goals. In addition, our program heals your gut microbiome, which promotes a healthy body weight and metabolism. Combined, Dr. La Vella and Bonnie have over 25 years of experience in the nutrition and bariatric industry. We approach weight loss in a practical, real-world way, which fosters consistent changes for long-term success.

I never lost as much weight as I hoped. Is there still a chance I would lose weight with your program?

Yes! We believe that everyone’s body is capable of healing. Unfortunately, many diet plans lack scientifically proven gut microbiome strategies for reversing inflammation and healing the hormones that regulate weight and metabolism. It is hard to predict just how much weight you will lose or over what period your body can do it, but if you have excess weight, you likely will witness your body shift dramatically as you start to care for its needs.

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