Bariatric Surgery Prep Course VIP Package


Embark on a transformative journey with the Art of Bariatrics; Bariatrics Surgery Prep Course. We offer holistic nutrition and lifestyle guidance, specific to the bariatric process. Pave the way for your brighter, healthier future. Ignite positive changes, embrace vitality, and prepare for the post-op year of empowering radical weight loss.

Bariatric Surgery Prep Course


*The VIP Package provides the same material as the Basic Package + exclusive real-time access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie*


By purchasing the VIP Package, you will obtain access to Erika and Bonnie via Voxer messaging for questions and support for 3 months. Monthly mindfulness classes will focus on intention setting, meditation, and guided self-care activities.

Are you planning on having surgery in Mexico, or wish you had more support in your bariatric program?

We can help make your surgery a smooth and positive experience.

As medical providers working for over a decade in bariatric surgery and nutrition, we can fill the role of support and mentorship necessary to get results!

The Bariatric Surgery Prep Course gives you all the tools you need for successful weight loss after bariatric surgery. As a result, you will have the best weight loss result following our method.

What is included:

  • Pre-surgery gut-healing meal plan ($25 value)
  • Two-week surgery prep – liver shrinking meal plan designed to reduce complications associated with surgery ($25 value)
  • Four-week Post-Op meal plan + bonus 5th week to prevent side effects and promote healing ($50 value)
  • Post-Operative Nutrition Plan
  • 100 page Art of Bariatrics Client Handbook containing invaluable information about bariatric surgery ($200 value)
  • 15 video modules taught by a bariatric surgeon and registered dietitian to help guide you through your journey before and after surgery ($2500 value)
  • Pre-Op Daily Checklist
  • Pre-Course Mindset and Habit Worksheet
  • Bariatric Vitamin guidance and dosage recommendations
  • Lifelong access to our private Facebook support group

Included in the VIP Package 

  • Private messaging access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie for 3 months via Voxer messaging app

Recommended for both Pre-Op and Post-Op patients.


The Art of Bariatrics does not create a patient-doctor relationship.

We do not provide personalized meal plans or medical advice. Results may vary.