Belly Bloat Gut Care VIP Package


The belly bloat gut care bundle is designed to support digestion so you don’t experience abdominal pain and bloating. Bariatric surgery creates sensitivity to your digestion, and with our guidance and support, we can work together to get you feeling better again!

*The VIP Package provides the same material as the Basic Package + exclusive real-time access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie*


Are you experiencing stomach pain, gas, and bloating after bariatric surgery?


Firstly, you are not alone! The anatomy and physiology of bariatric surgery change the pH of your intestinal environment and promote the growth of colon bacteria in your small intestine- YUCK! 

Both gastric bypass and taking antacid medications after sleeve gastrectomy have this effect. You can form flatulence in your small bowel and experience bloating and abdominal pain.

Secondly, the truth is most people (including your physicians) can underappreciate the impact of the pH changes on your gut and overall well-being significantly.

Dr. Erika and Bonnie are gut microbiome experts and understand the best clinically proven modalities to keep your gut health functioning optimally.

Thirdly, our approach to gut health differs from taking antibiotics and supplements. In contrast, we focus on building a healthy gut lining from the inside out using science-backed research and dietary approaches to balance the pH. Your body weight, metabolism, and gut health (our secret sauce) go hand in hand. In addition, human metabolism and weight are dependent on a healthy gut microbiome. Taking care of your gut allows you to feel your best and maintain your weight loss.

In conclusion, our Belly Bloat Gut Care program gives you the right education and dietary support to help promote healthy gut function. Say goodbye to bloating and indigestion!

The only catch is- you need to follow the program consistently to see results. Unless the gastric bypass is reversed or you stop your antacid medications, there will always be mechanisms for bacterial overgrowth.

Our course is a 6-week supportive program designed to give you the structure, accountability, and community you need to heal your gut after gastric bypass. We want to give you the tools for lasting results, not a quick-fix scheme that will leave you cycling with shame, guilt, and more stomach issues.

Let us be your personal bariatric lifestyle team to support you in mastering bariatric surgery.

Dr. Erika talks about gut health here.

The Belly Bloat Gut Care VIP Package Includes:

  • Private messaging access to Dr. Erika and Bonnie for 6 weeks via voxer messaging app
  • A four-week meal plan with recipes and grocery shopping lists promotes a healthy body weight and gut. Perfectly portioned for one, we take the guesswork out of how much someone should eat after bariatric surgery. Our recipes comprise whole food ingredients that support you from the inside out- because the inside is what matters!
  • 13 video modules focused on nutrition, exercise, sleep, gut health, metabolism, and reflective practices to help you stay on track with your goals. 
  • 100-page Bariatric Surgery Client Handbook
  • Daily Checklist
  • 4 week SIBO Meal Plan (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Pre-Course Mindset and Habit Worksheet
  • Bariatric Vitamin guidance and dosage recommendations
  • Life-long access to a private Facebook community for support.


The Art of Bariatrics does not create a patient-doctor relationship.

We do not provide personalized meal plans or medical advice. Results may vary.